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Lauren worked diligently with me on a commercial condo I managed for a roof repair claim from Irma. The insurance carrier's adjustor did not understand the scope of work involved in replacing the roof so therefore the carrier only wanted to cover about 50% of the realistic cost. This claim was two and a half years after the storm and we did not know the damage that was hidden underneath the metal roof panels untill almost 2 years later, adding to the complexity of the claim. Lauren was successful in making the carrier cover all costs of the repairs that were needed at a market rate. I would use Lauren in a heartbeat again to address any claim issues with a carrier.

Robert MorganMorgan Property Management

I retained Attorney Lauren Hussey after my insurance company refused a roof damage claim I submitted. After Lauren had my home inspected to properly document the damages, she contacted the insurance company and started negotiating on my behalf. The insurance company again refused. Lauren did not give in and insisted on further consideration from the insurance company. My claim again was denied and again Lauren kept up the struggle. After the insurance company realized we would not relent they offered a settlement I was extremely happy to accept as it covered my damages in full. The insurance company stated that they still did not consider my claim as valid and we're only making a settlement to "clear the case". I believe we only succeeded because Lauren properly documented my damage and showed the insurance company that she was capable, ready and willing to do whatever it would take to prevail. My wife and I we received advice and service beyond our expectations and are extremely grateful for Lauren's service.

Paul RussoCape Coral Homeowner

Lauren made the whole legal process as easy as it could be. We never would have been able to navigate any of it without her. We are very happy with our settlement outcome!

Chris MaconiEstero Homeowner

Attorney Lauren Hussey represented our commercial building after Hurricane Irma in 2017. We sustained severe wind damage to our roof which caused leaks in many essential doctor offices and businesses. Lauren’s quick response prevented further damage and put all tenants at ease. Her team of experts determined our metal roof needed a total replacement, which our insurance refused to provide. Attorney Hussey not only managed to secure us new roof, but also skylights and guttering as well. Her professional nature and negotiation skills also helped in the renewal of the same policy and provider despite filing the claim. Mrs. Hussey was a pleasure for our Board to work with and all tenants and board members are grateful for her hard work and service.

President7th Avenue Medical Condo Association

Lauren was on point with everything throughout our Irma claim. Every call - answered. Every text - responded. Every question - answered. Truly a pleasure dealing with Lauren and her team.

Anthony Zientek