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After the Storm – Tips from an Attorney

If your property is affected by a natural disaster, such as the September 2022 hurricane Ian in our home area of southwest Florida, there are several critical things to consider after the storm as you begin the process of rebuilding. Here are some important tips courtesy of Lauren Hussey Law, Your Storm Attorney.


The First Step

The first and most important step is to file a claim with your insurance company. It’s critical to document everything as soon as possible by taking pictures of the affected areas at the beginning of the process and throughout the repairs.

Do not start repairs until you have documented all damage

Do not start repairs until you have documented all damage, allowed the insurance adjuster to inspect, and you have given notice to your insurance company that you will be starting repairs. Make sure you’re still mitigating your damages to the best of your ability; do not allow your damages to get worse.

Once you have filed your claim...

Once you have filed your claim, it’s important to make sure that any necessary repairs are performed in a timely manner. If possible, get multiple estimates from different contractors before you decide which one to hire for the job. Make sure that you carefully read all contracts before signing them, as well as double-check with your insurance provider that they will cover all of the work being done. This can also help to ensure that any additional costs due to structural repair due to hurricane conditions is covered.

Remain in communication with your insurance company

It’s important to remain in communication with your insurance company during this entire process so that any issues or problems can be addressed immediately and in a timely manner. Don’t forget to submit your invoices and receipts of your repairs in order to claim recoverable depreciation.

Contact other organizations such as FEMA or The Red Cross

You should also remember to contact other organizations such as FEMA or The Red Cross who may be able to provide further support or assistance depending on the amount of property damage caused by the hurricane.

You may need to seek legal advice

If there are any disputes between what your insurance company covers and what needs repair following a hurricane, you may need to seek legal advice in order try and reach an agreement on necessary compensation. If needed, it may be beneficial to hire an experienced attorney who specializes in dispute resolution related to property damage caused by hurricanes if communicating with your insurance provider isn’t yielding results.

Rebuilding after a hurricane

When it comes time for rebuilding it is important take into account all potential risks associated with rebuilding after a hurricane so that these risks are managed properly moving forward: flood mapping should be consulted before building; buildings should be designed and built according to the latest hurricane code regulations. This investment should include energy efficient materials and equipment which will help reduce costs over time while helping protect against future storms.

If you should find more damage

A closed insurance claim can be re-opened if you should find more damage or realize the amount you were offered isn’t enough.

Following these steps shouldn’t just help reduce damages during future hurricanes but should also minimize long-term maintenance costs due to storm damages over time. Contact Lauren Hussey Law, Your Storm Attorney, should you have questions about storm-related property repairs or if your insurance company isn’t cooperating with your claim.


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